Hot tubbing in international arbitration

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Are you interested in learning about the innovative technique of hot tubbing in arbitration? Look no further than our boot camp course on Hot Tubbing in Arbitration! In just two days, over the course of five hours, you will be equipped with a deep understanding of the hot tubbing process, from its history and benefits to the practical skills needed to conduct a successful hot tubbing session.

Our program includes an introduction to hot tubbing, outlining the differences from traditional methods of evidence presentation in arbitration, as well as a discussion on the advantages and disadvantages of this approach. Our expert instructors will guide you through the best practices for selecting and preparing experts for hot tubbing, the role of the arbitrator, and how to conduct a successful hot tubbing session.

The course culminates with a mock hot tubbing session where you will have the opportunity to apply your newly acquired knowledge, develop practical skills, and engage in a simulated hot tubbing session alongside other participants.

Whether you’re a seasoned arbitrator or just beginning in the field, our Hot Tubbing in Arbitration course is designed to provide a comprehensive and practical understanding of this innovative technique. Join us for an engaging and informative two-day program and take the first step in enhancing your arbitration skills today!

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O Que Você Vai Aprender?

  • Session 1: Introduction to Hot Tubbing in Arbitration
  • • Overview of the concept and history of hot tubbing
  • • Comparison with traditional methods of evidence presentation in arbitration
  • • Advantages and disadvantages of hot tubbing
  • Session 2: Best Practices for Hot Tubbing in Arbitration
  • • The role of the arbitrator and experts in hot tubbing
  • • Selecting and preparing experts for hot tubbing
  • • Conducting the hot tubbing session
  • Session 3: Mock Hot Tubbing Session
  • • Participants will engage in a simulated hot tubbing session, playing the roles of the arbitrator and expert witnesses.
  • • Practical tips and best practices will be demonstrated and discussed during the session.
  • Session 4: Evaluating the Effectiveness of Hot Tubbing in Arbitration
  • • Analysis of the benefits and challenges of hot tubbing in arbitration
  • • Evaluation of the outcomes of the mock hot tubbing session
  • • Discussion of feedback and areas of improvement
  • Note: The timing and sequencing of the sessions can be adjusted as per the requirement of the participants and the course provider.

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